Wednesday, December 30, 2009

John Thomas Pruitt for Governor

We went to visit PaPa in Montgomery today. We of course had to get John Thomas' picture at the Governor's desk and it looks like he may have been barking out some orders, I know whenever his MiMi is around he makes sure she is at his becking call.

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Christmas 2009

John Thomas was a good boy this past year and he got a lot from Santa to prove it. As some of you know Scott and I have pretty big families so we got to see everyone and enjoyed going to everyone's houses. We had breakfast at our house on Christmas morning for the Grandparents and that was one of our favorite times.

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John Thomas is a boy after my own heart, he loves to wear DaDa's shoes as well as mine.
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Picture with Santa

John Thomas and I went to the Galleria (my 2nd home) and saw Santa, he wasn't too sure about what was going on but he didn't tear up or cling to me at all. He is talking A LOT now and would tell everyone at the mall "hi"and he also would yell "Boots" and point if someone was wearing boots. I can't wait until Christmas morning.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


John Thomas has become very attached to his stuffed monkey who he calls "Eh Ah" . I taught him that monkeys say "eh eh ah ah" and I guess he decided to shorten it and name his monkey that. When we are at home Eh Ah is everywhere John Thomas is and he loves to ride him around on his dump truck. Eh Ah is not allowed to leave the house and he tells him "bye bye, Eh Ah" everytime we walk out the door. When he goes night he has to tell several things "night night" as well. Last night he told his Train "night Night" and then gave it a kiss. I really like this age and love seeing him learn something new each day.

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My Christmas Craft

All of my friends are so crafty and it has inspired me to do some crafts and to also find myself a hobby (as if dancing 3 days a week isn't enough). I would like to find some adult dance classes to take but they are all on nights that I teach dance so I can't go. I have started frequenting JoAnn's and Michael's to try to find my inspiration. I learned how to make tutu's and it is fun but very time consuming, I know now why they are expensive. I saw a wreath in the Pottery Barn catalog and thought I coudl make it myself and it turned out pretty good. Scott, John Thomas, and I get TONS of Christmas photo cards from everyone each year and I never know what to do with them, until now. I got a foam wreath covered it in sheet moss and have gold thumb tacks to attach the cards. This way they will be on daisplay and we can enjoy them. The bow is crooked in this picture and has since been fixed but I thought you would get the idea.

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