Sunday, September 6, 2009

So Sweet

John Thomas has finally stopped torturing Hazel and has learned to hold her correctly, love on her (gently), and he likes to push to her around in his wagon and grocery cart. I thought it was so sweet how she is laying her head on him in the 2nd picture.

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Cookie Choo Choo

Apparently these days we are into pouring our food on the ground and playing with it. He had his cookies in his choo choo and pushed it around for a long time, of course I have to be careful since I do not let him eat food of the floor. I would also like to add that earlier in the day he had a dead frog in the choo choo. EEEWWW! Boys will be boys.

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Bad Mommy

I turned my head for one minute and then this is what I found. John Thomas poured out all of his goldfish and the cat food as well. I let him play in it all since it was already all over my kitchen. He thought it was so fun to collect all the goldfish in the bowl and then pour them out. I may be creating a monster.

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