Saturday, August 22, 2009

Random Shots

Well, our summer is coming to an end! I start dance in little over a week. John Thomas is truly in every sense of the word "The Light Of My Life". I'm not quite sure what I did to desreve such a person in my life but I'm not gonna deny it. Our God is an Awesome God!

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I can't believe I haven't posted this blog before now. Scott and I kept wanting to get John Thomas a kitten after we saw reaction with one of our friends Kittens. We kept trying to get one and thigns kept coming up . I have always wanted a seal point kitten but couldn't ever bring myself to buy one and then I found one for FREE. This is Hazel she was 6 weeks old when got her and not much bigger than pair of scissors (as you can see in the pic). These pictures make her look little to me considering how much she has grown. So far she has done great and we hope she can start capturing all the critters in the backyard..

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A few of MY Favorite Things:

I am taking part in my friends Kim's blog idea in listing a few of my favortie things at the moment (things can change with me at any given time).

I really don't even know what to put here without sounding cliche' or cheesy. I have so many GREAT family members. Not only was I born into an awesome family I married into one and feel like some of Scott's Cousin's, Aunt's and Uncle's have been with me my whole life.
2. Taziki's Friday Special
The only thing better than enjoying this meal is sharing it with a friend, which I have made many of friends go to, willing or not.
3. Spending ALL day with my Son
My relationship with my Mother is incredible and I can't even put into words how I feel about her. It makes me SO happy and nervous at the same time that I have someone that looks up to me and loves me like I do my own mother. John Thomas makes me proud EVERYDAY and I don't think that will ever stop. I am so lucky to spend the entire summer with my baby, watching him grow and learn is incredible. Being John Thomas' mother is a blessing.
4. Project Runway
I am so addicted. I love Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, the entire cast and concept. This may be my favorite Reality Show with the exception of SYTYCD. By the Way I also Love the T.O. Show.......I know, I know
5. My Best Friend Heather
I have had one of the same best friends since I was 2 1/2, who can say that and mean it. Feather (that isn't a typo) has been with me through so many things as well as I have with her. I hope John Thomas has that connection with someone because there is nothing like it. We grew up about a 1/ 2 mile from each other and still see each other weekly as well as vacation together. I have been blessed in the friend department..........WOW the more I type the luckier I feel. I have a lot great friends!
6. Purses / Shoes
I know, right. What girl doesn't love a good purse and good pair of shoes? They don't have to be name brand or expensive, I just love purses and shoes. Isn't it a shame that I work in a field that shoes or purses aren't a big deal AT ALL.
7. My Job
OK this is such a great thing I think I will end my list here. Dance is my passion and unless you are a dancer you will never relate. The fact that I get to share my passion with children is unexplainable. My students are like my babies and seeing them grow and use ther OWN talent is priceless. I recently had a student do a project in school and part of that project was to name their "hero" and she chose me. What else could I ask for, it made me speechless (which those of you who know me know is hard to do).