Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Favorite Toy

Big'n got this dump truck for Christmas and he just loves it. He will ride it or fill it up the back and push it ALL around the house. Thanks Uncle Lee, Aunt Krista, Ward, and Kate. I can't believe he will be turning one in a month, and getting more toys. We already cleaned out the toy bucket once and it looks like it is about time to do it again.

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Loving on Daddy

John Thomas loves to have fun playing with his Daddy. We are leving for Gatlinburg in the morning and John Thomas will be staying his YaYa and Pop Pop and his MiMi and Poppa. I am sure he will have fun and be spoiled by the time we make it back. I am so sad about leaving him but I know Scott and I will enjoy ourselves.
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Ready to work!!!

YaYa bought John Thomas a workbench and a toolbox filled with tools. He wasn't suppose to be playing with it until his birthday but he saw it and had to test everything out.

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