Monday, September 29, 2008

An Afternoon of Fun

Sunday afternoon was such a pretty day that we decided to take advantage of it. We went up to Vulcan to enjoy "Vulcan Aftertunes". There were bands, drinks, snacks and beautiful weather. After visting Vulcan we decided to go eat at Mellow Mushroom. John Thomas sat in a highchair and could not stand the strap that was in it, he managed to wiggle his foot out of the straps in no time. He also entertained the ladies sitting beside us and greeted everyone as they left (we were sitting right by the door).

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Eating Puffs

As I am sure you can tell, my little man has ALWAYS been a fan of eating. John Thomas is eating a lot of different baby foods as well as some table food. We are working on trying to feed ourself. He also holds and drinks out of a sippy cup (we of course still use bottles). We wanted to just try it out one day and he ended up liking it.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We went to our friend's Ava and Anna Kate's birthday party on Saturday. The party was at Tannehill so we got to ride the train and play in the creek. John Thomas ate a chesse puff and has some chocolate icing off of a yummy cupcake.

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T.V. Time

If I want to get anything done around the house I sit John Thomas down and turn on The Backyardigans. He loves the music and dancing.

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Baby + Yellow Lab = John Thomas and Honey

John Thomas loves any animal but Libby and Mr. Black are not very social so he has to get his lovin elsewhere. Honey lets him pull and grab at her all day. Sweet Honey!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Guess What

John Thomas is now sitting on his own and I expect him to be crawling anyday now. HE is pretty steady sitting and once he learns how to move his arms he will be getting around on his own. I am so happy he is sitting and am NOT ready for him to be mobile. Maybe it will acutally take him awhile to get the hang of crawling. When did he get so grown?

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1st bath at home in the sink

This was not his official first bath in a sink. He has taken a bath in the sink at his Mimi and YaYa's houses. Scott and I decided we were tired of breaking our backs and bending over so we gave him his bath in the kitchen sink last night, I think he has already outgrown it though

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Worn Out

I was washing dishes yesterday and all of a sudden I noticed it got quiet. I peeked in on John Thomas and he had passed out in his exersaucer. I was going to let him stay there but he looked so uncomfortable, I got him out and of course it was 2 more hours before he went back to sleep. Little stinker!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Best Friends

John Thomas can't seem to get enough of Josh. Notice in the last picture Josh is no longer wearing his glasses. My little boy loves to grab glasses, earrings, and hair.

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John Thomas and Katelyn

John Thomas went to visit Katelyn. I can't wait until they can really play and interact with each other. As of now they just look at each other and play with each other's toys. We sure are glad that Katelyn is such a good sport and doesn't mind John Thomas playing with her things.

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It's Great to be an Auburn Tiger!

We went to the 1st game of the season and had so much fun. We had good food, great friends, and Auburn Football........Life doesn't get much better! WAR EAGLE

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Sweet Boy!

Here we are Friday getting ready for bed. I've started moving some of his toys to different places in the house, this way he won't get tired of looking at the same stuff all the time.

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